Types of Patio – Choosing the right one for your home

Have you been dreaming of a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy during the warmer months? A patio can be a great addition to your home, giving you extra living room and bringing you closer to nature. There are plenty of styles, from the traditional patio to a seamless flyover patio or an elevated gable roof patio, to ensure your home looks stunning while benefiting from a practical shaded area. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which type of patio is the right fit for your home? Lucky for you, we’re here to walk you through the different types of patios so you can find one tailored to your home and needs. By the end of this, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying balmy evenings and weekends spent outdoors in your perfect patio space.

Introduction to the Main Types of Patios

If you’re looking to add an outdoor living space, you’ve got options. The most popular types of patios in Australia are:

Flyover Patios

A flyover patio design offers plenty of benefits that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. A flyover patio roof is positioned above your home’s fascia line, providing a taller roof and a much more open feel.

Flyover patio styles have the wow factor, offering taller roofs, increased airflow and an overall more impressive design. These are by far one of the most popular outdoor patio designs in Queensland, especially since they help disperse the pesky tropical heat.

Plenty of Vertical Room

Our customers are always amazed at how much bigger their outdoor space looks with a flyover patio. On the Gold Coast, several of our clients own homes with old patios that they want to replace. Once our team has been in, removed the old patio and replaced it with a modern flyover design, they are always amazed at how much more room is available under a flyover patio roof.

Best Views

One of the standout features of flyover patio roofs is their open ends, which prevent the trapping of heat and provide unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. If you value clear views of your yard and want to maintain a connection with the outdoors, a flyover patio roof is an ideal choice. Whether you’re inside looking out through the windows or simply standing by the door, you’ll have the opportunity to admire and appreciate the beauty of the world around you.

Gable Roof Patios

Gable roof patios are ideal if you want a bolder, grander design for your outdoor space. With pitched rooflines that extend out from the house, gable patios provide overhead coverage while still feeling open and airy.
If your home already has a gable roof, opting for a gable patio ensures a seamless and cohesive look. The high roofs of gable patio styles complement homes with a similar shape, creating a bold and harmonious aesthetic. Better yet, the tall roofs contribute to cooler temperatures within the patio area, allowing heat to escape and keeping the living area nice and cool.

Plenty of Height and Headroom

Gable patios have rooflines that slope up from the outer walls to a central peak, giving you more height than a flat roof. The peaked design allows for higher ceilings, providing a sense of openness.

Matches House Style

A gable patio roof mirrors the shape and style of a typical house roof. If your home has a gable or pitched roof, a matching gable patio will create a cohesive, integrated look for your outdoor living area. The angled rooflines and open sides help the patio feel like a natural extension of your home.

Dome Roof Patio

A dome roof patio provides a soft, elegant slope to your outdoor space. The rounded shape gives you maximum headroom at the centre, allowing you to furnish the space with taller items.

Graceful Curves

The domed roofline creates a striking architectural feature with its graceful curves. Its shape is ideal for homes with arches or rounded windows to create a cohesive style. These types of patio are perfect for those wanting something different than the norm.

Open Yet Sheltered

A dome patio gives you an open, airy space that still feels sheltered. You get a sense of being outside in nature while avoiding direct sun or rain. The high ceiling and open sides make a dome patio perfect for entertaining or hosting parties. Your guests will appreciate the unique space.
Install screens or drop curtains around the edges of a dome patio for extra insect control or wind protection. You can also add lighting, fans, heaters and surround sound speakers for ambience and comfort. A dome roof patio provides the best of indoor and outdoor living in a striking, sculptural form.

Flat Roof Patio

A flat roof patio is a classic, minimalist choice perfect for small spaces. If you prefer a simple, unadorned design, a flat roof patio may be right for your home.

Low Profile

As the name suggests, a flat roof patio has a level roof with no pitch. This gives it a very low, streamlined profile that doesn’t draw attention away from your home’s architecture or the surrounding landscape. The flat roof helps it blend in, rather than stand out.

Great Glare & Weather Protection

For the most part, a fascia-fixed, flat roof patio will be the most affordable option. This design style is simple, and effective and offers fantastic weather protection and glare protection. A fascia patio roof offers a seamless integration with your home, making it a brilliant addition to your outdoor space. Typically installed just below your house gutter, these roofs are designed to provide a tidy and clean appearance. The transition from inside to outside is so smooth that you’ll hardly notice a difference.

Choosing the Right Patio Pillars: Concrete, Metal or Timber?

When choosing pillars for your patio, you have three great options: concrete, metal, or timber. Each has its own benefits, so consider what factors matter most for your needs and budget.


Concrete pillars are durable, and low-maintenance. They won’t rot, warp or rust over time. However, concrete can look plain without additional finishing like paint, stucco or stone veneer. Concrete also may not match some architectural styles. If you want a simple, sturdy choice, concrete pillars are a great pick.


Aluminium pillars are the standard offering for the patios we build. They provide a sleek and modern style. They are lightweight but strong. However, metal can dent or scratch more easily. For a contemporary patio, though, metal pillars are an ideal option.


Timber or wooden pillars have a natural, organic feel that pairs well with many home styles. Wood is also an insulator, so your patio may stay cooler in summer. However, timber requires frequent maintenance like staining or sealing to prevent rotting, warping and weathering. Timber pillars are the mid-range price option between standard and concrete. If you want a rustic, woodsy vibe and don’t mind the upkeep, timber pillars can be a great choice.

So there you have it, the options for a perfect patio to suit your home. Now the only thing left to do is choose. Think about how you want to use the space, your budget, the look you’re going for.
Whatever you decide, Gold Coast Patios can bring your dream patio to life. Our team of patio builders offer a free quote and consultation and in some cases, can even showcase design possibilities during the first meeting so you can see exactly what your new patio looks like.
Contact us today and you’ll soon be enjoying long summer evenings in your dream outdoor space. Making memories with friends and family, hosting BBQs as the sun sets, curling up with a book on a lounger. All from the comfort of your own custom patio. The possibilities are endless! Now get planning and make the most of the good weather. Your new patio awaits!

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