Opening & Closing Sunroof

Looking for a roof that opens & closes? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have been installing opening & closing roof patios for Gold Coast residents for over 21 years.

Opening & Closing Patio Roof

  • Louvered Roof
  • Multiple Design options to suit your area
  • Remote Controlled
  • Wind/Rain Sensor
  • Custom Powder Coat Available
  • 10 Year Product Warranty

The Ultimate Outdoor Lifestyle

Standard Colours

Gloss White – Paper Bark – Shale Grey – Monument

Custom Colours

Satin White – Matt Black – Silver – Birch White – Surfmist – Ironstone – Loft – Classic Cream – Dune – Pale Eucalypt – Jasper – Woodland Grey – Deep Ocean – Manor Red – Cottage Green

    Insulated Roof Panels in the Gold Coast Keep Patios Cooler

    Installing insulated roof panels on your Gold Coast patio provides more than shade – they reduce the temperature underneath by at least 10 degrees creating a comfortable outdoor room, allowing you to spend more time outdoors while protected from the scorching heat and blistering sun. Gold Coast Patios has the experience and materials to create a one of a kind room for your home.

    Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Insulated Patio Kits in the Gold Coast

    Installing a wooden patio cover can be cost prohibitive and does nothing to keep the concrete patio cooler. Insulated patio kits in the Gold Coast offer more cooling while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and create additional living space to your home.

    • With the use of integrated beams and posts, you benefit from the uninterrupted view of your yard or outdoor space. New materials allow you to create a space that complements the exterior of your home.
    • Insulated patio kits in the Gold Coast are easier to install, allowing you to enjoy your new outdoor space sooner. Using an experienced installation team will have you hosting parties in no time, unlike wooden structures that require exact cuts to produce the desired effect.
    • Utilising the services of a company who not only installs but works closely with you to design your outdoor space and handles all permitting processes affords you a stress free addition to your home that adds value.

    Using an insulating material to keep your patio cooler allows you to enjoy more outdoor time, which is properly shaded from the heat of the sun. You are also working against deforestation by using less wood products that don’t provide the same cooling properties.

    The Importance of Insulated Patios in the Gold Coast

    Spending time outdoors helps rejuvenate tired minds and helps you to recharge after a long day at work. Having a space that is cooler than the unshaded areas of your yard allows you to maintain comfort while breathing in the fresh air around you.

    • The Australian sun and its blistering heat keep many people indoors breathing recirculated air. Insulated patios in the Gold Coast allow you to spend more time outside. You can disconnect from electronics by watching trees sway in the breeze instead.
    • Insulated patios in the Gold Coast allow you to hide wiring for lighting and ceiling fans for a clean look. Wooden structures don’t provide hiding places for wiring, making them a distraction from the beauty of the structure.
    • Insulated patios add instant value to your home. Potential buyers will envision themselves spending time in the outdoor room available aiding in the resale of your home.

    About Gold Coast Patios

    We have been building high quality insulated patios for over 20 years and strive to create the outdoor space you desire. We handle all aspects of the building process, including applying for and obtaining required council permits and coordination with other trades needed to create your bespoke outdoor space. We work quickly once we have the required permits in hand so you can start enjoying your new room sooner. We are fully licensed and insured to offer you peace of mind. Contact us for an appointment for a quote on your new outdoor room.