Single Carports Gold Coast

Looking for the best carports Gold Coast? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have been building carports for Gold Coast  residents for over 21 years.

Single Carport Protection

Are you seeking additional shelter for a lone vehicle? Perhaps you want solid outdoor coverage from the elements without the hassle and expense of a full garage? A standalone carport is ideal for solitary parking or to complement an existing garage space.

Gold Coast Patios offers high-quality, cost-effective single carports that deliver shade and protection for your automobile at a fraction of the cost of constructing a garage.

Safeguard Your Ride

Most ultraviolet damage occurs to vehicles while parked. You’ve worked diligently to obtain that set of wheels, so why expose it to rain, hail and scorching sun?

A carport will help maintain your car’s appearance for longer and make getting in on a sweltering day far more comfortable. No more burning your hands on the steering wheel or your hands on the seatbelt clips!

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Carports Made To Last In Queensland

Gold Coast Patios is a highly regarded patio and carport builder backed by Australia’s leading outdoor home improvement organisation. We’re proudly part of the SEQ Patio Group, which delivers top-class outdoor shade to thousands of homes in the Southeast Queensland region. We’re backed by Australia’s leading brand for outdoor development, Stratco.

A Stratco single carport offers superior protection from the elements and UV exposure. Stratco roof panels are made from high-quality steel that was designed to endure and resist the harsh Australian environment. That means they’re made tough, so you can enjoy years of low-maintenance vehicle protection.

A Customisable Option to Compliment Your Property

Our single carports are fully customisable to suit your property’s style and requirements. A wide variety of designs are available, ensuring there is an option that harmonises well with your home. You can choose from different colours, sizes and styles. This allows you to configure your carport precisely as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average single carport size?
Sedans and hatchbacks
6m x 3m: A typical single carport will generally be within this range, with a height of 2.4m, to ensure most vehicles can fit underneath. This provides ample space for one vehicle and some storage. Ideal for sedans, hatchbacks and small SUVs.

The average car dimensions are 4.9 metres in length, 1.94 metres wide and 1.8 metres tall.

Depending on the vehicle you drive and your intended use of the carport, these dimensions can be adjusted to accommodate.

A custom single carport can be tailored to the measurements of your car, but we always recommend considering future vehicle purchases before making a final decision on sizing.

What is the minimum single carport size?

Single carports can be constructed to fit compact cars like smaller sedans and hatchbacks. The minimum single carport dimensions are a width of 2.4 metres and minimum length of 5.4 metres. An additional 0.3 metres is needed on both enclosed sides to allow for a minimum door width of 2.4 metres.

What is the price of a single carport in the Gold Coast?
Due to the customisable options available for our single carports, prices can vary depending on your specific selections. Generally, a single carport project falls within the range of $5,000 to $8,000. For a more accurate estimate, please complete our contact form and we’ll endeavour to provide a free, personalised quote on the same day.
What factors affect the pricing?
Elements such as materials, sizing, roof style, gutters and installation location all have the potential to impact your project costs. To gain a clearer understanding, please contact us and we can supply an accurate quote.
Can a shed have a carport added in the Gold Coast?
Yes, in many cases it is possible to add a carport to a shed. The feasibility of attaching a carport to an existing shed largely depends on considerations like the shed’s design, structural integrity and available space. To determine if your shed can accommodate a carport, contact GC Patios. We can assess your individual situation and provide tailored guidance. We will examine the shed’s foundation, structural capacity and local building codes to ensure the carport addition is both safe and regulation compliant.
Do single carports include a warranty?
The Stratco products we use are manufactured from Australian Colorbond steel, making them more durable than other steel alternatives. Stratco offers a 25 year structural warranty on their items which covers a Stratco single carport.


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