Patio Skylight Options In The Gold Coast

If your aim is to introduce natural light into your patio area, your first thought may be to instal skylights. However, there are some important factors to consider first.

Most insulated patio roof structures utilise prefabricated panels. It can be challenging to accurately cut openings for skylight frames within these panels. Additionally, for non-insulated single-skin patio designs, the panels may not provide adequate structural support over time for the weight of glass skylights. Plus in the Gold Coast, sun-facing glass can get pretty hot, which makes it hard to utilise things like rubber and adhesives to keep it in place. While skylights are not impossible, there are alternative options worth exploring that could prove less costly to implement.

This guide will examine some of the potential reasons why installing skylights on a patio may not be advisable. Some alternative approaches will also be suggested. By reviewing this guide, an informed decision can be made as to whether a skylight is suitable for the intended patio design.

Potential Considerations of Installing a Skylight on a Patio

The installation of a skylight indoors can effectively increase natural light levels and create an improved visual connection to the outdoors. However, there are some potential considerations to acknowledge when contemplating the installation of a skylight on a patio.

Firstly, skylights may significantly contribute to higher temperatures during summer months, making the patio less comfortable for use. This could counteract the benefits of an insulated patio design. Skylights may also reduce the practical functionality of the patio space if not installed correctly, risking water ingress issues.

Extended direct exposure to sunlight through skylights poses another issue, as the glass will heat up and become more brittle over time. This could potentially cause structural harm to the patio roofing.

Alternative Options for Enhanced Natural Light on Patios

Due to structural factors, skylights are rarely a feasible option for patio roofing, as many patio construction firms do not provide this service. However, modern polycarbonate panel technologies, with UV protection, now enable a comparable natural light transmission without roof alterations. For homeowners still seeking to optimise natural light levels on their patio, some alternative solutions may be worth considering.

Translucent Panels

Unlike a skylight which may compromise the integrity of patio panels, Stratco Rooflites provide a substitute using translucent panels rather than opaque ones. This alternative allows the enjoyment of natural, filtered sunlight while still maintaining a complete, sealed patio design. Rooflites can be combined with various patio shapes such as arched and gable-styled roofs. Their design also offers superior UV protection compared to standard glass panels which may be used for a skylight.

Louvre Roofing

If total control over the patio’s shade and light levels is desired, an electronically controlled louvre roof from Stratco’s Outback Sunroof Louvre Patio range is a versatile screening solution for enhancing the outdoor living area. The louvres allow sunlight in when weather conditions are pleasant and provide protection when clouds gather.

Gable Roof

The patio construction can impact the level of natural light under the roof. For this reason, gable roofs are popular due to their tall, noble roofs which keep the space cooler and brighter. To a lesser extent, a flyover patio design built over the existing roof can also allow more air and natural light. Gable roofs can be combined with Rooflite panels for maximum light exposure, as demonstrated in this shaded garden project.



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