Patio Ideas To Elevate Your Gold Coast Home

You finally have a chance to turn that patch of grass in your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Living near the coast means you get to enjoy balmy weather for most of the year, so a covered patio is ideal for creating an outdoor space you can use rain or shine. If you’re looking for some covered patio inspiration to elevate your Gold Coast home, here are five stylish options to consider. Most Gold Coast homes look to renovate their backyard with either a pergola, gazebo, veranda, patio roof or pavilion at some point. 

There’s no shortage of options, but which one suits your home’s style and the local climate? Read on to discover the best Gold Coast patio ideas for any home!

Elevate Your Outdoor Space With a Covered Patio

Elevating your outdoor space is a great way to increase your home’s value and enjoyment. A covered patio, in particular, lets you make the most of your garden year-round. Here are some stylish options to consider:

An aluminium patio cover offers sleek protection from the elements. With plenty of styles to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice on designing your dream patio. At Gold Coast Patios, we build durable, aluminium patio covers that resist the salty coastal air, meaning you don’t have to worry about a gruelling maintenance schedule that comes with wooden patios. 

For an intimate space, a pergola could be ideal. The slatted roof makes this structure perfect for those who want to allow natural light under their outdoor space. Use curtains or netting for extra privacy when needed.

If budget allows, there’s no beating the bold pavilion patio. This insulated patio pulls out all the stops on style and function. The bold columns make a statement, complemented by the attractive roof which allows for lighting and cooling features to be installed so you can enjoy your patio any time of day. 

With the right patio cover, you can relax, entertain or dine al fresco comfortably. And when the sun sets over the sea, your stylish new space will be the perfect vantage point. Paradise found!

Stylish Covered Patio Ideas for Coastal Aussie Homes

If you’re looking for stylish covered patio ideas to elevate your coastal Aussie home, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our past work for inspiration on what your custom home patio could look like. 

We can build the patio for you and you can focus on styling it and making it your own!

Mediterranean Style – Add Old World Charm 

Capture the essence of a coastal Mediterranean retreat. Terracotta tiles in warm, earthy hues like rust, ochre or umber are iconic of the Mediterranean style. Paving your outdoor area with uneven, handcrafted tiles instantly captures the soul of the Mediterranean style. 

The Mediterranean experiences similar climates to the Gold Coast. Combine that with a strong presence of Mediterranean families who call Australia home, and it’s clear why this style is so prominent on the Gold Coast. 

For an authentic Mediterranean patio, consider:

  • Wrought iron or wooden patio furniture
  • Olive trees, lavender or rosemary in terracotta pots
  • A stone firepit for cosy evenings
  • String lights for a warm ambience at night

Creating an inviting space where you can unwind with friends and family is what the Mediterranean way of life is all about. Terracotta pavings under a bold insulated patio captures the essence of casual sophistication and the simple pleasures. Transport yourself to the Mediterranean coast without leaving home.

Balinese Patio Decor – Your Own Tropical Oasis

Transport yourself to a lush Balinese garden with decor that evokes a tropical vibe. Wicker furniture, bamboo accents, and natural wood pieces are perfect for a coastal patio. Look for chairs, tables, planters and other accessories in these natural materials.

Over 260 thousand Aussies visit Bali shores each year. If you’re included in that statistic, you’ll know that Bali living is all about combining indoor and outdoor living. Thanks to our similar climate here in Queensland, the good news is that many Indonesian plants thrive in our soil. 

Add palm leaves, ferns and orchids to complete the look. Group several planters together at varying heights for a casual, jungle feel. Tropical prints, natural fibres, and ocean-inspired colours like teal, aqua and coral will make you feel like you’re relaxing in paradise.

Consider a bamboo or wood privacy screen for extra seclusion. A stone or pebble pathway winding through your patio will make you feel like you’ve entered your own secret garden retreat.

At night, string up lanterns for a soft, ambient glow. Citronella candles in decorative planters will naturally repel insects while adding to the ambience.

A Balinese-inspired patio is perfect for a beach house or any home that wants to channel a relaxed tropical vibe. Create your own private tropical oasis right outside your back door. Let the sounds of splashing water from a small fountain and the scents of lush greenery transport you to an exotic island getaway every time you step outside.

Contemporary Style – Clean Lines & Openness With a Modern Patio

The contemporary patio style is perfect for coastal homes, embracing an open, minimalist design with clean lines.

Open Floor Plan

A contemporary patio typically features an open floor plan without any partitions, allowing for an airy, spacious feel. The openness also makes the space versatile, whether you want to entertain guests or enjoy a quiet morning coffee.

  • Consider a pergola for shade without closing in the space. Pergolas provide dappled shade through vertical posts and open lattice or slatted roofs.
  • Use potted plants, trees or shrubs to create natural dividers if desired. Their sculptural qualities enhance the modern aesthetic.
  • Choose patio furniture with sleek, simple silhouettes in a neutral colour palette. Things like metal or teak chairs, loveseats and tables keep the look streamlined.
  • Add visual interest through decorative accents like outdoor rugs, throw pillows, string lights or wall art. But do so sparingly, maintaining an uncluttered vibe.

A contemporary patio celebrates openness, natural light and pared-down decor. Its minimalism and seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces make it a perfect match for seaside living. Creating zones for different functions, adding greenery for texture and choosing high-quality furnishings are easy ways to elevate this stylish space.

Garden Patio – Combine Nature and Comfort

A garden patio is the perfect blend of nature and comfort. Spending time outside surrounded by plants and greenery is ideal for relaxation and entertaining. Combining seating, lighting, and decor with lush landscaping creates an inviting space for solo reflection or hosting friends.


Include a variety of seating for different uses, from dining sets to lounge chairs. Wicker, teak or weather-resistant cushions are good options for coastal areas. Arrange chairs in a circle to encourage conversation or line them up for optimal views.


Strategic lighting helps extend the hours you can enjoy your patio. String lights or lanterns provide ambient lighting for evening gatherings. Spotlights can highlight architectural details or foliage. Candles create a cosy glow but be mindful of coastal breezes.


Bring decorative accents from inside out to your patio to create a cohesive style. Artwork, rugs, pillows, and planters help achieve a polished look. Natural materials like seashells, driftwood, and greenery reflect the surrounding environment.


Lush greenery and colourful blooms transform a patio into an oasis. Hanging baskets, potted plants, trees, shrubs, and flowering vines provide natural shade and privacy. Fragrant choices like lavender or gardenias enhance the sensory experience. Group plants together based on their sunlight and water needs for easy maintenance.

A garden patio embraces natural elements while providing creature comforts. Finding the right balance of seating, lighting, decor and landscaping will help you craft an outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertaining in a coastal climate. Spending time in a well-designed garden patio surrounded by nature is ideal for recharging and connecting with others.

Small Patio Ideas for Landlocked Gold Coast yards

More and more homeowners in the Gold Coast want a patio but aren’t sure if they have the room. We tend to find those who feel landlocked especially benefit from a small patio as it adds another dimension to their home’s functional layout. 

Small patios are charming, cosy spaces that make the most of limited yard space. When designing a petite patio for a Gold Coast home, keep these tips in mind:

Utilise Vertical Space

Instal wall planters, trellises, and hanging baskets to add greenery without taking up floor space. Vertical gardens are ideal for small patios.

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Opt for nesting tables, folding chairs, and modular furniture that can be rearranged as needed. Benches with built-in storage are useful for tucking away cushions, blankets and other accessories when not in use.

Open Up the Space

Remove any barriers between your patio and yard to create an open, airy feel. If fencing is needed for privacy, choose a low, open-style fence. 

Keep It Simple

Focus on quality over quantity. A few well-chosen pieces of furniture, plants and decor are all you need for a cosy small patio. Avoid cluttering the space, which will only make it feel more cramped.

Use Light, Bright Colours

Light, bright colours make small spaces appear more open and airy. For flooring, choose light stone, concrete or wood. Use white or light-coloured furniture, accessories and plants. Strategically placed mirrors also help reflect light and create an illusion of more space.

Keeping these useful tips in mind will help you create an inviting small patio perfect for relaxing and entertaining despite a limited yard. With some creative thinking, even the smallest Gold Coast patio can become an outdoor oasis.

Features to Elevate Your Patio

To take your coastal patio to the next level, consider adding a few key features.

Outdoor Water Feature

The soothing sounds of running water can transform your space into an oasis. A small fountain or outdoor waterfall feature is perfect for a patio. Look for ones made of natural stone, copper or concrete to match your coastal style.

Fire Pit Seating

On chilly evenings, a fire pit provides warmth and ambience. Arrange comfortable lounge chairs, loveseats and benches around the fire for cosy seating. Use fireproof cushions, pillows and throws in whichever style you choose.

Outdoor TV

If you like to enjoy TV and movies outside, mount a weather-resistant TV on your patio wall. For the full experience, add surround sound speakers. An outdoor TV lets you keep up with your favourite shows or sports while still enjoying the fresh air.

Outdoor Wall Planter

Add greenery to your patio walls with planter boxes or vertical gardens. Choose plants that can handle coastal weather like succulents, ornamental grasses, lavender or rosemary. Wall planters are space efficient and the aromatic plants will make your patio smell amazing.

Including features like these in your coastal patio design creates an inviting space for relaxing, entertaining or enjoying a meal with ocean views. Your patio will become a natural extension of your home’s living areas.

Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area expands your home’s usable space and provides an area for relaxing or entertaining. For coastal homes, a covered patio is ideal for enjoying the pleasant weather while being shielded from the elements. Your patio can take over a job from an indoor room. You can save space indoors by making your patio functional as a living room, kitchen, or simple dining area. The right patio will always be dry and cozy, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to use it in rainy weather, because a solid facia-fixed patio does a wonderful job at keeping your patio dry year round. 


So there you have it, several stylish and functional covered patio ideas to transform your Gold Coast outdoor space. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a pergola, the sleek lines of an aluminium patio cover or the elevated beauty of a pavilion roof, there’s an option for every home and budget. Close your eyes and imagine enjoying a summer evening or a cosy winter’s day in your new favourite room of the house. A covered patio lets you make the most of your coastal lifestyle and climate, come rain, hail or shine. Contact us today for a free consultation and take some time to browse out past work. Your dream patio can be a reality in a matter of days. 

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