How to Make Sure You Use Your Patio More

Oh boy, do Aussies love their patios or what?! There’s no denying those backyard oases are a huge hit down under. But between you and me, I’ve heard many a homeowner say they could definitely make more of their outdoor space. When it comes to parties, most folks would pick their patio over indoors any day. But relaxing at home? Some people are a bit shy about soaking up the fresh air out back. Well fret no more my friends, because I’ve got the secrets to stocking your patio with stuff that’ll have you living outside in no time! Follow my guide to furnishing your outdoor area with things that’ll convince you to use it each and every day. You’ll be having barbecues and hanging with mates on the patio in no time – just wait and see!

Get Excited for Your Patio Potential!

  • Fully embrace your patio and make it a true part of your lifestyle. Flow that outdoor space indoors and vice versa for maximum enjoyment.
  • Boost your furnishings to boost your value! Dress that patio in style to attract admirers and increase your property’s worth.
  • Keep on top of maintenance to keep on using it! A well-looked after patio practically demands you spend time out there.

Quick Ways to Get Started That’ll Have You Chuffed!

Having a patio is a smashing way to experience the great outdoors and create memories with your loved ones. It’s also a cracking method to add worth to your home. Countless options exist to transform your exterior into an asset worth raving over.

Make a Shaded Garden

Because a patio is a home add-on, many people need help to break old habits and utilise their new space. If you want to use your patio more, it’s a good idea to focus on breaking old habits and making new ones.

Spend a week or so using your patio as a reading spot or outdoor workout area instead of going to your usual spot (living room, garage, etc.). You’ll soon find that your mind will start linking your patio as the place you want to hang out.

Another way to integrate your patio with your lifestyle is to fit it with furniture that isn’t used anywhere else in your home. Many homeowners see their patio as another option when it can be used as a space-saving solution. Instead of using it as a supplementary dining area or lounge area, make it the main spot! That way, your patio has more value as a unique space and not just a second option for when you feel like it.

Make Some Conscious Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve just added a patio but aren’t really using it, you need to break out of your old habits and get comfortable being out there. The first thing to do is spend a week or so using it as your spot to read or work out instead of where you usually go, like the living room or garage. Before you know it, your brain will start to associate the patio as the place you want to hang out. Another way to get more use out of your patio is to put some furniture out there that you don’t have anywhere else in the house. Lots of people see their patio as just an extra space to eat or relax when the weather’s nice. But you should make it the main place! That way your patio feels like a real part of your home and not just somewhere you go sometimes.

Consider Adding Outdoor Gym Equipment

If you wish to engage in strength training or cardiovascular exercise outdoors, installing gym equipment on your patio could provide numerous benefits. A weight rack, machine, treadmill or similar apparatus would allow you to train amid fresh air and natural light, providing a more enjoyable experience than indoor workouts. Furthermore, many pieces have a durable construction that enables resistance to weather when properly situated under a patio’s shelter. As such equipment tends to be bulky and difficult to accommodate within interior spaces, an exterior location may be preferable. In summary, supplementing your patio with a gym addition could facilitate regular exercise regimens and improve your health and wellness in a convenient, outdoor setting.

Deck Furniture Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

When transforming one’s outdoor space, the appropriate furniture is key. The following deck furniture ideas may help create the ideal outdoor environment:

  • Weather-resistant furniture should be considered. Investing in weather-resistant furniture is important if the deck furniture is to have longevity.
  • Comfortable seating is essential. Providing comfortable seating is vital for generating an inviting outdoor area.
  • Outdoor cushions and pillows could be utilised. Outdoor cushions and pillows may help render the outdoor space more comfortable and welcoming.
  • An outdoor dining set may be procured. An outdoor dining set is a suitable way to enjoy meals outdoors with family and friends.
  • A hammock could feature. A hammock is perfect for relaxing and appreciating the outdoors.
  • An outdoor daybed may be incorporated. An outdoor daybed is an excellent means of cultivating a cosy and inviting ambience on the patio.
  • A fire pit could be included. A fire pit can help make the outdoor space more inviting and provide warmth in cooler weather.

Patio Entertainment Area

Turn it into a proper outdoor entertainment area! With the right furniture and whatnot, it can be like gaining an extra room for your house that you can use all year round to hang out with family and mates. A few other things you could do to really jazz it up even more are.

Designing a patio for entertainment involves considering both functionality and aesthetics. Here are some tips to help you create a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor space:

Define the Purpose: Identify the primary functions of your patio. Is it for dining, lounging, hosting parties, or a combination of activities? Define the purpose to guide your design decisions.

Comfortable Seating: Invest in comfortable and ample seating. Consider a mix of options such as outdoor sofas, chairs, and benches. Cushions and pillows can add both comfort and style.

Dining Area: If you plan to dine on the patio, incorporate a suitable dining table and chairs. Ensure there is enough space around the table for easy movement.

Outdoor Kitchen/Barbecue: If you enjoy outdoor cooking, consider integrating an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area. This can be a focal point for entertaining and socializing.

Outdoor Entertainment System: For a more high-tech approach, you might want to consider integrating an outdoor entertainment system with speakers, a TV, or a projector for movie nights.

Best Patio Furniture Arrangements To Encourage Conversation

The best seating arrangement for outdoor furniture to encourage entertainment depends on the size and shape of your patio, as well as your personal preferences. However, there are a few common arrangements that work well for fostering a social and welcoming atmosphere:

Circular Arrangement: Place seating in a circular arrangement to encourage face-to-face conversation. A central focal point, such as a fire pit or coffee table, can anchor the seating arrangement.

L-Shaped or U-Shaped Seating: Arrange outdoor sofas and sectionals in an L or U shape to create a cozy and inclusive setting. This type of arrangement is great for larger gatherings and provides a sense of intimacy.

Dining and Lounge Combination: Combine a dining table with lounge seating. This allows for a seamless transition between dining and lounging, making the space versatile for various activities.

Built-in Seating: Consider incorporating built-in benches or seating walls along the edges of your patio. These can provide ample seating without taking up too much space and create a cohesive and polished look.

Swing or Hammock Seating: Hanging swings, hammocks, or swinging chairs add a playful and relaxing element to your outdoor space. They can be great for casual conversations or moments of quiet relaxation.

Bar Seating: If you have an outdoor kitchen or bar area, include bar-height seating. This setup encourages a more casual and interactive atmosphere, perfect for entertaining while preparing food or drinks.

Floating Conversation Groupings: Create smaller, floating conversation groupings with chairs and side tables. This allows for more intimate conversations within a larger gathering.

Selecting the right deck and patio combination is like crafting a carefully curated ensemble that suits your lifestyle and outdoor space. Consider your landscape, preferences, and budget to create an outdoor retreat that truly complements your home. Contact us today and you’ll soon be enjoying long summer evenings in your dream outdoor space. 

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