How To Create a Scandinavian Style Patio in the Gold Coast!

If you have been seeking an outdoor patio design that is clean and minimalist while still feeling warm and inviting, the Scandinavian patio style is highly recommended. Whether renovating an existing patio or seeking inspiration for a design prior to engaging local builders (like us), this article will help achieve an impressive Scandi-inspired patio and bring it to the Gold Coast!

There is no need for intricate florals or ornate accents, as the Scandi patio centres around refined simplicity. Natural wood, lush greenery and a neutral colour palette are pivotal. Begin by decluttering the space and choosing a focal element such as a sleek outdoor sofa or fire pit. Grouping plants together in understated terracotta or stone-coloured pots achieves an effortless appearance. Adding ambient lighting allows for pleasant evenings outside as the sun sets. Following these recommendations, the patio will soon become a blissful Scandinavian sanctuary. The hardest part will be returning indoors!

Utilise Minimalism Without Feeling Empty

Adopting a minimalist approach is key to achieving the ideal Scandinavian-inspired outdoor environment in the Gold Coast. The space should remain uncluttered and avoid overdecoration. Focus on high quality, natural materials and elegantly designed yet practical furniture.

Scandinavian patio furniture is crafted to blend harmoniously with surrounding natural textures while retaining distinctive silhouettes. Attention-grabbing forms are balanced with hues that complement the surrounding garden or yard.

Opt for a neutral colour palette consisting of greys, blacks, whites and natural wood tones. Dark grey paving tiles and decking constructed from concrete or timber provide a suitable understated base. Introduce texture through natural stone, pebbles or wood accents.

Select multi-functional, weather-resistant furniture such as wooden benches, dining tables, lounge chairs and sun loungers. Metal frames paired with timber slats represent another classic Scandinavian option. Group furnishings together to delineate areas for dining, relaxation and socialising outdoors.

Layer in cosy textures through outdoor rugs, cushions, throws and lanterns. Incorporate greenery like potted plants, hedges or vertical gardens. Their natural freshness complements the minimal style exceptionally well.

Keep ornaments and accessories to a minimum. A stylish outdoor fireplace, chimney or fire pit can provide a focal point. Strategically position a few candles, vases or bowls to complete the look without clutter.

By maximising open space, utilising natural materials and maintaining a minimal aesthetic, a stylish Scandinavian outdoor area can be achieved. A perfect fusion of form and function, the space will seamlessly extend the home.

Add a Patio Roof to Your Scandi Patio

Outdoor areas in the Scandinavian style are expected to withstand sunlight, hail and snow, which is why a patio cover is an excellent design choice, providing not only aesthetic value but also protection from the elements.

A patio cover serves as the quintessential element in creating the ideal Scandinavian-inspired outdoor area, effortlessly combining functionality and aesthetics. In pursuit of achieving the clean lines, simplicity and connection to nature characteristic of Scandinavian design, a well-designed patio cover becomes an indispensable feature. Its minimal structure provides a sleek and uncluttered appearance, reflecting the Scandinavian ethos of simplicity and understated elegance. Additionally, the patio cover acts as a protective canopy, allowing for outdoor enjoyment across all weather conditions. This fusion of form and function aligns with the Scandinavian emphasis on practical design solutions that enhance the overall living experience. With a patio cover installed, the outdoor area seamlessly extends the interior, where natural light filters through and the smooth connection to the surrounding environment embodies the core principles of Scandinavian design.

Utilise Natural Materials

For an authentic Scandi patio style, natural materials are essential. Wood and stone elements provide a characteristic minimalist yet cosy feel. Timber decking or natural stone pavers in warm, earthy tones create a rustic charm. Scandi style favours simple, functional wooden furniture with clean lines such as chairs, tables and benches. Teak, oak and acacia are suitable options. A wooden bench with cushions invites relaxation. Incorporate stone through features like a fire pit, water feature or pathway using rounded river stones or rough-hewn boulders. A stone fire pit allows cosy evenings. Fill the space with lush, leafy plants like ferns, palms and trailing ivy connecting it to nature. Potted plants and vertical gardens introduce greenery without occupying floor space, suitable even for small patios. Utilising natural and sustainable materials imbues the patio with Scandinavian essence, feeling like an extension of the outdoors through a minimal, functional and natural design for a hygge haven.

Scandi Patio Furniture

To achieve a Scandinavian-inspired patio, use simple, minimalist furniture and decor made from natural materials like teak, rattan and weatherproof fabrics in neutral colours.

Choose armchairs, loveseats and sofas with minimal padding. Teak is durable and develops a silver patina. Rattan and wicker are also popular lightweight options. Use weather-resistant cushions and throw pillows in greys, whites and blues.

Rectangle, square or round tables work well. Look for simple pedestal or trestle tables in teak or aluminium. Nesting tables offer extra space when needed but can be stored away.

Add Scandi touches with natural fibre rugs, lanterns, planters and blankets. Use jute or sisal rugs, hurricane lanterns or string lights. Fill planters with succulents, lavender or catnip. Have folding blankets for evenings.

Aim for an uncluttered, minimalist feel with negative space and only furnishings that serve a purpose. Stick to a neutral natural colour palette and group seating but avoid overcrowding. House plants like succulents help bring life and thrive in the sub-tropical Gold Coast.

With the right simplistic yet sturdy furniture and natural elements, you’ll have a Scandinavian patio oasis for enjoying warmer months. Keep things minimal, functional and close to nature for a balanced, cosy space to unwind in.

Creating a Scandi-Style Garden in Queensland

Growing Scandi-inspired plants in a Queensland garden involves selecting greenery that complements the minimalist and natural aesthetic of Scandinavian design while considering the specific climate and soil conditions in Queensland. Here are some plant suggestions and tips to help you achieve a Scandi-inspired garden in Queensland:

Native Australian Plants: Embrace the local flora by incorporating native Australian plants. Choose varieties that have a simple and elegant appearance, such as native grasses, kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos), or Grevillea species.

Foliage Focus: Scandinavian gardens often emphasize greenery over bright blooms. Opt for plants with interesting foliage, such as ferns, succulents, and native grasses. Consider plants like Liriope muscari, Dianella, or Agave for their architectural and low-maintenance qualities.

Evergreen Shrubs: Select evergreen shrubs to maintain a lush and green garden throughout the year. Some suitable options include Viburnum, Murraya, or Pittosporum varieties.

Hardy Perennials: Choose hardy perennials that can withstand the Queensland climate. Plants like Salvia, Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea), or Dietes provide simple yet beautiful blooms without requiring excessive maintenance.

Herbs and Edibles: Integrate herbs and edible plants into your garden for both functionality and visual interest. Rosemary, thyme, and lavender not only add fragrance but also contribute to the Scandi aesthetic with their simplicity.

Gravel or Mulch Beds: Use gravel or mulch beds to create defined planting areas. This adds to the simplicity of the garden while providing a clean and neat appearance. It also helps with water retention and weed control.

Potted Plants: Place potted plants strategically around your garden. Use simple, neutral-colored pots to enhance the Scandinavian look. Consider potted succulents, snake plants (Sansevieria), or ZZ plants for their low-maintenance qualities.



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