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Looking for the best patios Gold Coast? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have been building patios for Gold Coast  residents for over 21 years.

Quality Gable Patios

Fancy transforming your outdoor space into an extension of your home? Gold Coast Patios has been designing and building classic A-framed gable patios for folks in the Gold Coast area for decades now. We’ve helped thousands of homes create their dream outdoor hangout spots.

A gable patio from Gold Coast Patios is the right stylish solution that really ups the aesthetic value of your home. As the top patio builders on the Coast, our team are experts at crafting custom patios tailored to your lifestyle.

A gable patio has that A-frame roof shape that provides lovely shade and shelter so you can enjoy your outdoor area no matter the weather. The slanted roof sends the rain and leaves elsewhere keeping the space spick and span and your furniture bone dry. And with the open sides, you still get airflow and natural light so it feels like an extension of the great outdoors.

Reasons to Choose a Gable Roof Patio Design

The gable roof structure offers a highly versatile design option that can complement a wide variety of property styles, from traditional Queenslander through to modern architectural designs. The team at Gold Coast Patios are able to work with you to customise every aspect of the patio, whether it be the roofing and flooring materials or the layout configuration. This ensures the gable patio design seamlessly integrates with the look and feel of your home.

Rather than opting for a standard patio design, why not create something truly unique? A bespoke gable roof patio from GC Patios will transform your outdoor space into a stylish entertaining area, relaxation zone or simply an idyllic spot to enjoy a leisurely coffee with the fresh air. Your dream alfresco room awaits configuration to your exact needs and vision.

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What is a Gable Roof Patio?

The gable roof patio design incorporates a sloped roofline that maximises the vertical space, improving airflow and creating a more spacious feel for the patio area. This traditional style remains one of the most popular patio options as it provides both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

The angled sides of the gable roof allow effective rainwater runoff, preventing pooling on the surface. The open fronts and rear also provide shade and shelter while maintaining an airy, unrestricted feel. With an optimised pitch, a gable roof can reduce glare from the sun yet still permit ample natural light infiltration.

Gold Coast Patios has years of experience designing and constructing gable patios to complement residential properties of all architectural styles. Please get in touch to discuss creating your ideal outdoor sanctuary.

Attractive Gable Patio Designs

Opting for a gable patio roof design provides an appealing cottage aesthetic for your outdoor area. The sloped roofline offers ample shelter while maintaining an attractive profile.

Unlike flat roofs, the central peak of a gable design increases headroom within the covered space. This more open design feels airy and ventilated. The height also allows warm air to rise and disperse efficiently.

A gable patio roof enhances the curb appeal of your home with its picturesque barn-like appearance. The peaked shape and angled sides complement many architectural styles in a charming way. The design subtly signals you have invested in quality outdoor living areas.

By combining form and function, a gable patio roof protects against weathering while creating a welcoming space. Its sloped structure sheds water effectively for years of enjoyable use. For a stylish yet durable covered patio, a gable design presents an excellent choice.

Freestanding Gable Patio Designs

A self-supported gable patio roof makes for an excellent addition over a backyard decking area or near a swimming pool, its proud stature creating an impressive focal point.

Attached Gable Patio Options

Gable patio roofs can be fixed to a property’s fascia boarding or implemented in a flyover style above. The taller interior space afforded by fascia-attached designs typically satisfies homeowners. As one of Australia’s most popular roof typologies transferring seamlessly to residential settings, standard gable configurations integrate well aesthetically.

Flyover gable patios take things a step further through positioning the roof plane above existing fascia lines, yielding up to 30cm more headroom at the lowest interior point.

Gold Coast Patios: The Preferred Choice for Gable Patio Construction


GC Patios has been designing and building striking gable patio structures for over two decades, establishing itself as the coast’s premier provider in this space. For an attractive, functional and long-lasting gable patio utilising Stratco materials, Gold Coast Patios can be relied upon to deliver.


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