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Looking for the best patios Gold Coast? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have been building patios for Gold Coast  residents for over 21 years.

Quality Flyover Patios

A flyover patio, attached above your roofline, provides excellent views of your yard and surrounding area. This patio design benefits from maximum headroom compared to other styles. It also allows for superior light and airflow circulation versus conventional patios fixed to the fascia board.

As Australia’s number one choice for premium alfresco shade solutions, the flyover patio roof is a top option for enhancing your outdoor space.

Why Gold Coast Homeowners Opt for Flyover Patios

When looking to enhance their outdoor space, many Gold Coast homeowners will choose a flyover patio design. Attached above the roof rather than along the fascia, a flyover patio provides a more spacious alfresco area with increased natural light and ventilation.

Available in both insulated and single-skin panel options, flyover patios can be installed to slope towards or away from the house. This improves light levels and ensures views remain unobstructed.

For those seeking a contemporary, spacious outdoor environment, a flyover patio should be a top choice for consideration. The design delivers an enhanced outdoor experience without requiring additional lighting or fans.

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Enhancing Outdoor Space Through Elevated Designs

Our customers regularly express their surprise at quite how much more spacious their outdoor areas feel following the installation of an elevated patio.

Within the Gold Coast area, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting numerous homeowners seeking to refresh dated patio spaces. We carefully deconstruct older styles and instal a sleek, modern elevated design in its place. Upon completion, clients continually remark on the added height and well-lit, airy sense of openness in the alfresco location.

Flyover Patio Roof Pricing

Flyover patios are some of our more premium styles, however, they are undoubtedly the most stylish and comfortable options. Depending on materials and size, pricing can range from approximately $8,000 to $15,000 plus. Naturally, the price will vary depending on your specific requirements. For an accurate quote provided promptly, please contact us and we will provide an estimate right away.

Increased Headroom with Flyover Patio Roofs

A flyover roof can boost headroom in your patio by around 700mm compared to a standard fascia-fixed flat style. This added height spans the entire roof area, distinguishing it from pitched gable designs. The clever ventilation integrated ensures hot air cannot become trapped, resulting in a pleasant outdoor living space optimised for heat deflection. Pairing it with insulated panels amplifies this effect further.

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